Photo Album
Tools of the Trade
Capitol Basses

MARS 4-Tet Blind Watchmaker
Recorded Nov 2013
at Skyline Productions - Warren, NJ
Released April 2014

MARS 4-Tet
The Blind Watchmaker

The Blind Watchmaker states in no uncertain terms where jazz has been, and reveals a glimpse of where it is headed.  Brazilian, European & African styles mix with swing, funk & electronics to create a fresh new sound on the scene. MARS 4-Tet creates exceptionally beautiful melodies, combined with pockets of fierce groove. Their original compositions and re-imaginations of classics penned by Thelonious Monk, Keith Jarrett and even Led Zeppelin cover a vast musical landscape with humor, and an abundance of polished style.


Coastal Suite
Recorded 2013
Water Music - Hoboken, NJ

Alan Blackman
The Coastal Suite

Long form jazz suite by Alan Blackman,
A soundtrack to a 24 hour tidal cycle.
Made possible by Chamber Music America and The Doris Duke Foundation

Alan Blackman - Piano

Max Murray - Bass
Frank Russo - Drums

Donny McCaslin - Sax
Rogerio Boccato - Percussion

Recorded Aug 2009
at Bennett Studios - Englewood, NJ
Released July 2010

Turning Point

Alan Blackman - Piano   Max Murray - Bass   Frank Russo - Drums

Featuring Donny McCaslin
and special guest Margret Grebowicz

Caribbean Jazz Project - Afro Bop Alliance
Featuring Dave Samuels
Winner of the 2008 9th Annual Latin Grammy for Best Latin Jazz Album!
Nominated "Best Latin Jazz Album" for the 2009 51st Annual Grammy Awards

Reeds -Luis Hernandez, Steve Williams, Andy Axelrad, Vince Norman, Rob Holmes.   Trumpets - Chris Walker, Nick Cooper, Tim Stanley, Greg Reese
- Dan Drew, Jim McFalls, Ben Patterson, Mark Morgan
Rhythm Section - Dave Samuels, Vibes, Marimba,
Harry Appelman, JJ Wright (Pno),  Joe McCarthy(D&Perc), 
 Max Murray (B),  Roberto Quintero (Congas, Bongos, Maacas)

Caribbean Jazz Project-AfroBop Alliance
Released March 2008
Concord / Heads Up International

Recorded 2006
Released June 2007
OA2 Records

The Vince Norman/Joe McCarthy Big Band
Words Cannot Express

9 original compositions by Vince Norman,
featuring the members of AfroBop Alliance at the core of this blazing hot big band!

Reeds - Vince Norman, Steve Williams, Andy Axelrad, Tedd Baker, Ben Bokor, Fred Wolfe
Trumpets - Paul Stevens, Paul Armstrong, Nick Cooper, Tim Stanley, Greg Reese
Trombones - Ben Patterson, Chris Buckholz, Jeff Martin, Major Bailey
Rhythm Section - Harry Appelman, Vince Norman(Pno),  
Gary Malvaso, Geoff Reecer (G), Joe McCarthy(D&Perc),  Max Murray (B)

Afro Bop Alliance
Camino Nuevo

Joe McCarthy
Drums, Timbale, Guiro, Cajon, Chekere, Palmas

Felix Contreras, Congas, Bongo, Chekere

Luis Hernandez, Tenor Sax

Max Murray, Basses

Tim Stanley, Trumpet

Harry Appelman, Piano

Dan Drew, Trombone

* * * * With Special Guests * * * *

Paula McCarthy, Violin

Suzanne Orban, Cello

Dave Samuels, Vibes & Marimba

Poncho Sanchez, Congas

Afro Bop/Camino Nuevo
Recorded Summer 2005
Released, January 2007

Released, November 2014
Uptown Vocal Jazz Quartet with Richie Cole
Vocal Madness

Ginny Carr, Robert McBride, Holly Shockey & Andre Enceneat

Alan Blackman , Piano

Steve Herberman , Guitar

Max Murray, Basses

Frank Russo , Drums & Percussion

Special Guest

   Richie Cole , Alto Sax


Visit UVJQ's Website for sound clips & ordering information

Recorded Summer 2011
Released, May 29, 2012
Uptown Vocal Jazz Quartet
Hustlin' for a Gig

Ginny Carr, Robert McBride, Holly Shockey & Andre Enceneat

Alan Blackman , Piano

Steve Herberman , Guitar

Max Murray, Basses

Frank Russo , Drums & Percussion

Chris Vadala , Alto & Clarinet

Leigh Pilzer , Tenor & Bass sax

Chris Walker , Trumpet

Jen Krupa , Trombone


Visit UVJQ's Website for sound clips & ordering information

Ginny Carr/After All These Years
Released November 1, 2005

Ginny Carr
After All These Years

Fifteen very personal original compostions, which reflect on Ginny's musical and personal life. They range from straight ahead swing, to syrupy-sweet torch ballad, to Steely Dan-esque pop, to dirty blues.  Ginny's nod to being influenced by composers, lyricists, and vocalists of the Great American Songbook and Broadway.

Ginny Carr -Vocals & piano.   Max Murray - basses.  Frank Russo - drums.
Paul Pieper - guitars.  Chris Rose - percussion.  Chuck Redd - vibes.   Chris Vadala - saxes. Robert McBride, Roger Reynolds, Holly Bingham (AKA Uptown Vocal Jazz Quartet) - background vocals

Visit Ginny's Website for Sound Clips


frank RUSSO & max MURRAY
In My Mind's Eye

Frank Russo, Drums.             Max Murray, Bass.
Doug Bickel, Piano.               John D'earth, Trumpet/Flugel/Cornet


Minds Eye Sampler

Frank Russo/Max Murray  "In My Mind's Eye"
Released June 27, 2003

Suede Diva-D
Released September 21, 2004

live at Scullers

Live concert video,
filmed at Boston's Premier Jazz Club

Suede - Vocals, guitar, trumpet
David Pearl - Piano , Max Murray - Bass

Steve Holloway - Drums

Pete BarenBregge & Frank Russo
Point Of Grace

Pete BarenBregge - Saxophones,   Frank Russo - Drums
Fred Hughes - Piano,  Rob Levit - Guitar
Max Murray - Bass,   Aaron Clay - Bass (2, 10)
Chris Rose - Percussion (2, 10)

Visit Summit Records for Sound Clips

BarenBregge/Russo - Point of Grace
Released June 25, 2003

Rob Levit & Robin Jung  FolkJazz Fusion "The Key" CD cover
Released November, 2002

robin jung & rob levit     folk jazz fusion
the key

  Exciting debut release of 14 thought-provoking pieces, marrying the best elements of folk storytelling, jazz harmony & pop sensibility.

Robin Jung ~  vocals & violin
Rob Levit ~ Guitars
Frank Russo ~ Drums
Max Murray & Mark Schatz ~ double bassists playing double basses independently

Sample Tracks

Children's Games    MP3

September 19th     MP3

Seven Empty        MP3

Turnabout         MP3

Fred Hughes DVD cover

Released 2002

Fred Hughes Jazz Trio

Recorded live In Seoul, Korea
July, 2001
Fred Hughes - Piano
Max Murray - Bass     Frank Russo - Drums

Fred Hughes book cover  

Released 2002

The Jazz Pianist
Left Hand Voicings and Chord Theory
By Fred Hughes

Method book with accompanying CD featuring
The Fred Hughes Trio

Fred Hughes - Piano
Max Murray - Bass  Frank Russo - Drums


Tom Lagana Group

Tom Lagana - Guitars
Max Murray - Bass
Mike Noonan - Marimba
Todd Harrison - Drums & Percussion
Marty Morrison - Drums                 Frank Russo - Drums
Chris Bacas - Saxophones & Flute        Jeff Antoniuk - Soprano Saxophone

Sample Tracks
Tranquil    MP3
Both Sides    MP3
Patuxent    MP3
Charmed    MP3
Ginga    MP3

Released December 2001
Tom's debut recording,
featuring eleven very cool original compositions.
Peaked at #17 on the Yellow Dog National Jazz Airplay list, Summer 2002

Recorded Live at The Birchmere,  November 17, 2000

On the Day We Met

Suede - Vocals, guitar, trumpet
David Pearl - Piano , Max Murray - Bass

Includes  "Emily Remembers"
WJZW Smooth Jazz Sunday Brunch Top 50 Track, for 2001

      "Remember Who You Are" From Suede's On the Day We Met  appears on "Being Out Rocks," a compilation of 21 GLBT/GLBT friendly artists.  Released by the Human Rights Campaign, proceeds from this CD benefit the work of HRC

Released Oct 11, 2002

Released 1998

Superb Big Band arrangements.
Excellent hard swingin' performance.
Don't miss this one, it's a classic!

Rob Vuono Orchestra
Love is a Swingin' Thing
Featuring Sue Matthews & John Fisher

Almost Like Being In Love   MP3

Lullabye Of Birdland    MP3

That Old Black Magic   MP3

You Go To My Head    MP3

Rhythm Section:
Ron Chiles (P)  Jim Cunningham (G)
Frank Russo (D)  Max Murray (B)

Dan Orban, Gary Wolfe, Ken Pfabe, John Ohlemeyer, Tim Leahey (flugel soloist)

Dave Steinmeyer, Dan Drew, Scott Ragsdale, Jeff Diehl

Ron Diehl or Ben Kono (lead alto);
Luis Hernandez or Pete BarenBregge (lead tenor); Craig Young (as), Cathy Stiles (ts), Erik Swanson (bari)

Frank Russo

Frank Russo - Drums
Bob Boguslaw - Piano
Pete BarenBregge - Saxes
Max Murray - Bass

Out of Print

Frank Russo - Snapshot cover
Released 1997

Easily Suede  cover
Original Release 1988


Easily Suede

Max Appears on Bonus Track
"Hit Me With A Hot Note"
recorded Sep 7, 1995



Amy Brady, Robert McBride & Ginny Carr, Vocals

Winston Warriner - Drums                Chris Vadala - Saxophones
Dan Reynolds - Piano                          Paul Wingo - Guitar
Maxx Murray - Bass


Uptown 1992 CD
Released 1992

Suffering Bastards VHS
Released 1989 - AIP Home Video

Suffering Bastards

Snappin' Dragon

- Dixieland Band version

Your Crazy Nature (AKA Snapdragon)
Nightclub Version
Track includes scratch vocal used to teach the song to the actors

 2001 - A Space Odyssey -
the definitive version

- deliberately bad trio version

Classic "B" Movie by Bernard McWilliams and John McGinley about two lounge lizard brothers who try to buy back the nightclub that was stolen from their mother years earlier. Full of corny antics and intentionally cheezy music. Not only does Max play on the soundtrack, he even appears on screen as part of a nightclub band!

S t a r r i n g

John C McGinley
(Platoon, Wall Street, Talk Radio, Point Break, etc...)

Gina Gershon
(Pretty In Pink, Red Heat, Cocktail, Showgirls, "Sinatra", etc...)

Eric Bogosian
(Talk Radio, Naked In New York, Beavis and Butt-head Do America, Deconstructing Harry, etc...)

And the uncredited band:

Byron McWilliams - Drums, Vocals, Composer, Arranger
Joe Yanovitch - Guitars               Max Murray - Bass
Rhoades Whitehill - Trombone, arranger
Gary Wolfe - Trumpet              Bob Scholl - Sax & clarinet

Out of print. Might be found in eclectic video stores & sometimes eBay