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While we're in the Holiday Spirit, check out Steve Mauldin's gut wrenching version of
Oh, Holy Night

or how about

The Last Trumpet Christmas


A Very Grand Finale
to the
Hallelujah Chorus
"...when organists mutiny..."

"Sleigh Ride" without valves...?

More? You want more?!?!


Jingle Brass

"Don't you wish you
played the flute....?"

clicking on the above link sends you to a
great site, where no instrument is spared :)

Do you own this recording?

It's not a joke, it's completely serious....
BUT, it's hysterical!

Florence Foster Jenkins CD cover

Click on album cover for samples.  Or, if you need more convincing ...........

Florence Foster Jenkins
"The Diva of Din"
Read about this dynamic artist here

What Florence Foster Jenkins is to the Aria,
Shooby Taylor, The Human Horn
is to jazz vocal improvisation.
Scat in the most literal sense.

One of the most demanding works ever written

Faerie's Aire and Death Waltz

Faerie's Aire and Death Waltz

click on each image for larger copy

A major military musical mixup occured the day the Pope visited the White House. The Army Herald Trumpets and the President's Own Marine Band were to play Arrival Honors and "Hail to the Chief" as the President was introduced.  The military personnel in charge of each of the 2 musical group did not collaborate.  So here is the end result. As you might imagine, the 2 men in charge were in a handful of trouble, while both bands are off the hook for doing what they were told.
Enjoy this marvelous rendition of Hail to the Chief.

        Hail to the Chief Mixup- Apr 16, 2008 , Pope Benedict Visit

And finally, a classic....

After the last child moved out of the house, and years of ignoring the fact that the love was gone, Mom and Dad announced they were getting a divorce. The kids were distraught and hired a marriage counselor to try and keep the parents together. The counselor worked for hours, tried all of his methods, but the couple still wouldn't even talk to each other.

Finally, the counselor went over to a closet, brought out a beautiful upright Bass, and began to play. After a few moments, the couple started talking. They discovered that they weren't actually that far apart
and decide to give their marriage another try. The kids were amazed and asked the
counselor how he managed to do it.

He replied, "I've never seen anyone who wouldn't talk during a bass solo